For over 30 years I have been providing music for weddings as a solo cellist and chamber musician. In 2012 I began officiating for weddings on the Mendocino Coast.

I see the officiant’s role as giving voice to what the couple would like to express to each other and to their family and friends at their wedding, so their thoughts, words, and emotions are reflected in the ceremony. I can offer a non-denominational ceremony to which poems, other texts, and personalized vows can be added and in which family and friends can be involved to whatever extent desired. If you have a unique vision for how you would like your wedding to be, I can work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your individual tastes and personal voices.

Please feel free to contact me at 707.937.3342 or through this website. I look forward to helping make your wedding joyful, meaningful, and memorable.

If you are interested in having classical music at your ceremony and/or reception I can  help coordinate the music. Visit www.sonatina-music.com for information about music and note in the contact form at this website whether you are inquiring about music as well.

        Our family kept saying how touching the ceremony was………whenever someone brought up the wedding I expected the subject to be the lasagna, but no, it was always how “incredible” the ceremony was! That made me very, very happy.

        Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding ceremony you created for my daughter and son-in-law. Your calm and dependable presence, combining attention to detail and nuance, made the couple feel confident and at ease.  We had the sense that you held the whole ceremony in your mind while making it accessible to all and special to the couple. You have a talent for understanding what makes them tick as a couple even though you didn’t know them too well. You have a light touch – humorous but also very respectful and loving. We also loved how you brought in some of yourself with the reference to Hawaii and the wind story. The rest of our day was of course wonderful and memorable, but the beauty of that ceremony I know will stay with all of us. 

       Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding and for all of your help in preparation. We were very touched by your words, and thanks also for coordinating the music – it was beautiful!

       Thank you so much for creating the perfect wedding for my son and daughter-in-law. The unique touches that they had requested were integrated seamlessly into the experience, and the entire effect was intensely personal. I felt that your top priority was to create a ceremony that truly reflected the couple and who they are. Your serene, spiritual presence set the tone for the day. I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Photo: tia & claire studio

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